Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Title page WIP

This is the one I'm going with ahhh. The colours look a lot more washed out on my laptop though so-- cries.

Quick doodle during his lecture that I didn't like haha. He's literally being decoded but ehh. Was still getting used to Photoshop.

WIPs of title pages that I did in class.
I haven't used Photoshop in almost three years so it was a bit weird getting the hang of it again but it's gotten a lot nicer! I didn't like the first one (decoded one) so I restarted halfway through class and doodled the other one in maybe an hour and a half..?
I'll probably finish this whenever I have spare time 'cuz I FINALLY got the CS6 suite on my laptop yayyy.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Digital paint experiment

Quick blocked in painting while I was on the phone with this credit card activator guy HAHA;; I wanted to play with colour and the lighting because Florian had give me some really nice tips but I don't think the twilight lighting really came out. Took about an hour and a half? I really don't know how I'll even try to replicate this much in gouache.

Tone Thumbnails

Tone thumbnails for painting. I have such difficulty simplifying things. I went with the first one though-- and sorry for the abrupt spam haha. I only have a few more to post.

Pencil Thumbnails

First page of thumbnails for painting class.

Second page of thumbnails where I actually realized we had to use FG, MG and BG. I don't have Photoshop yet so I regretfully can't make it any darker. Sorry! Some are setting ideas for a potential plot idea I had, but it's still heavily in the works.

Saturday, 8 September 2012


I'll try to keep the personal stuff to a minimum (because I have other places for that) but I'm going to try to make this blog for school assignments/things I'm overly fond of. I want a place where I'll (hopefully) be able to see my progress over the years I spend at Sheridan!

And just as a sort of disclaimer-- when I say I have no idea what I'm doing, I really don't. ;__;a I'm not as pro as BASICALLY EVERYONE HERE and I come from a really academically heavy high school program andIhaven'thadavisualartsclasssinceGrade8. So helpful tips and critiques are welcome! ;7; Please be gentle aleihfaietjsleth.