Thursday, 10 January 2013

Still Life Gouache Paintings

Study was done before my trip-- my mom had some really nice, weird looking paperweights and I'm so frustrated I chose that because it's not at all recognizable. Also the scan and shadows came out weird.
I'm so embarassed about the final one because I had to finish it in the weekend I came back so it was ummm a total of around 7-8 hours? The cloth was supposed to be white and lacey. So I kind of-- made it up. Pretty happy how the candle and the candle holder came out though?? One step at a time I guess /sighs

Also first time this whole year using opaque style of painting but I found if I mixed enough colour, that it wasn't so bad!! (Until I needed brown. Jesus it's hard to make variations of brown.)

Also is anyone having troubles just uploading files from your computer files or anything?? It says I can upload jpg, png and whatever else but there's no upload button or anything 8'( (Maybeit'sbecauseofIE.)

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